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944i Dielectric Tester

LIMITED AVAIBILITY, REPLACED BY 951i. Depend on Vitrek’s 944i for all of your programmable or manually operated High Voltage Hipot tester needs for testing electrical safety compliance, earth ground continuity, ground fault, insulation resistance, insula

Featuring Four Instruments in One

  • AC Hipot to 5KV,10KV Optional
  • DC Hipot to 7KV with 14KV Optional
  • Earth Continuity Testing 1mΩ
  • Insulation Resistance to 500
  • Arc Detection with 10 msec shutdown
  • Programmable
  • GPIB, RS232 Interfaces Optional

Vitrek’s 944i Hipot Tester combines AC dielectric strength testing (AC Hipot) with DC dielectric strength testing (DC Hipot), Insulation Resistance (HV IR) and a low Ohmic Earth Continuity measurement all in one feature-rich automated instrument. This compact dielectric tester lets you measure four electrical safety test parameters from a single test connection-all with the touch of a button.

Our 944i delivers top performance and versatility for manufacturing tests, product safety engineering, component evaluation, as well as research and development applications. Most hipot testers lack the sensitivity to accurately detect low leakage current levels.  The 944i uses dynamic ranging to provide leakage readings down to 2μA full scale with 1nano-amp resolution.

When it comes to overall dielectric performance - You'll find that the multi-function 944i is loaded with features that even the larger more expensive dedicated testers don't offer. Powerful features including automatic calibration, built-in diagnostics, internal "watchdog" safety monitor, user memory for up to 100 test routines, arc detection and available interface package with IEEE-488.2, RS232 and direct test results printout capability.


  • AC & DC Hipot plus Insulation Resistance and Ground Continuity in a single 
    feature rich, compact instrument
  • AC Hipot to 5KV standard, 7KV and 14KVDC optional
  • Easy to use Full Menu Prompting, walks you through the test set-up
  • Test Database stores 200 test steps for easy recall
  • Powerful 35mA Sourcing capability
  • On-board Phase Detection measures "total", "real" or "imaginary" Leakage Current
  • Continuous Output Frequencies from 50 to 100Hz
  • IR measurement to 65GΩ
  • Continuity measurement 8.5Ω full scale, resolution to 1mΩ
  • Leakage Current measurement to 1na
  • Optional IF-4 Interface package includes GPIB, RS232, VICL & Printer Ports
  • Separate Ramp & Dwell, Min & Max current limits
  • Covers-on Automatic Calibration
  • Built-in controls for HV Scanner and Ground Bond Tester
  • Mark Certified to EN61010
  • Includes NIST Traceable Certification
  • Three Year Extended Warranty
  • Made in the USA

The intelligent choice for operator safety

At Vitrek, operator safety is not just a concern, it is a relentless commitment. So we engineered the 944i with a high-impact injection molded front-end with no exposed metal parts to present a potential user shock hazard. We put in an internal "watchdog" safety monitor which automatically shuts down the output in the event of an inadvertent disconnect. And the Vitrek 944i boasts an impressive user programmable "Arc Detection" circuit, capable of shutting down the high voltage system within microseconds.

For added peace of mind the onboard diagnostics of the 944i execute a complete check of all safety systems every time you power up.

If your product requires a UL, CSA, ETL or CE labels. . . 

Demand that the Vitrek 944i label is on your Dielectric Analyzer. Only Vitrek minimizes overall test time and maximizes system reliability by combining four dielectric test functions in one unit.

It would hardly seem possible that a slow dielectric tester could back-up an entire production line. Yet with today's imposing 100% dielectric inspection requirements, the antiquated manual hipot tester is often the manufacturing bottleneck. Imagine the consequences of the tester breaking down or worse yet passing a defective product.

Just a few good reasons why each 944i Multi-function Dielectric Analyzer is equipped with two high performance microprocessors - to speed testing throughput and to execute exhaustive onboard diagnostics. Simply put, the Vitrek 944i provides the fastest, most accurate and reliable test results available. And it does it for a surprisingly modest price.

Powerful yet easy to use

We've harnessed the power of the microprocessor to make this dynamic instrument simple and easy to operate. Specifically, the extensive use of menu prompting walks you through the test setup. Built-in user memory allows you to store, recall and edit up to 100 different test programs. All test parameters are fully user selectable - no hidden switches or pots to hamper operation.

The result is a clean, streamlined panel design that demands noticeably less effort to operate - and the unrivaled power to execute customized test routines at the touch of a button.

Capacity to excel

With its full 35mA sourcing capability, the Vitrek 944i possesses the horsepower required to drive today's capacitively-filtered circuits - loads which the 10mA to 25mA units just can't handle. Yet, what sets the 944i apart from the rest is its ability to discriminate between in-phase and out-of-phase leakage currents.

This advanced feature enables you to measure the resistive current associated with insulation breakdown, the reactive component or the combination of both.

Vitrek Service & Support: Finest in the Instrument Industry

At Vitrek, we manufacture automated test instruments that are human engineered for friendly easy operation. But that's not where our commitment stops. We back you up with a worldwide network of Vitrek support centers. And we provide support by phone or email for any need or questions that may arise.

This all adds up to one point - you'll enjoy doing business with Vitrek. Our service technicians, application engineers and customer service satisfaction people just wouldn't have it any other way.


944i Dielectric Analyzer, Now Includes IF-4, DC-7, ADC $6,495.00

IF-4 GPIB, Serial, VICL & Printer Ports $995.00

IF-1 Parallel Printer Interface Only $495.00

TL-10 Test Leads with High Voltage Probe $95.00

TL-20 Alligator Test Lead Set $85.00

TL-115A Test Leads with 115 VAC Outlet $195.00

TL-IEC IEC Power Socket Test Lead $95.00

RBJ-1 Remote Audible Alarm $100.00

944i-RM-1 Rack Mount Kit $75.00

RSS-1 Remote Start Switch $100.00

RPO Rear Panel Outputs $100.00

SIJ-1 Safety Interlock Jack $0.00

PLC-2C PLC Logic Level Interface $150.00

QT-1 QuickTest™ 944i Software $295.00

QT-2 Bundled QuickTest™ Software with PC GPIB Card & Cable $895.00

QT-3 Quick Test™ Software for Win 98/2000/XP/NT includes NI-GPIB Card $995.00

LVIR Adds 10 to 99 VDC Operation for MW $295.00

LO-500 Extends Low W range to 500W $295.00

ADC Automatic Load Discharge $295.00

944i-GP-1 1 Meter Shielded GPIB Cable $85.00

944i-GP-2 2 Meter Shielded GPIB Cable $95.00

RS-1 6' RS-232 Cable $45.00

PAR-1 6' Parallel Printer Cable $45.00

DC-7 Boosts Max DC Output to 7KV $695.00

DC-14 Boosts Max DC Output to 14KV $1,295.00

AC-10 Boosts Max AC Output to 10KV VAC $1,255.00

ACDC-10 10KVAC/10KVDC Range Option $2,490.00

OM-944 Additional Operator's Manual $65.00

SPK-944 5 Year Spare Parts Kit $395.00

EXW-2 2 Year Warranty, with initial purchase $490.00


AC Voltage Output

Voltage uncertainty is equal to the square root of the selected output. (V1/2)




100 VAC


±  10.0 VAC

500 VAC


±  22.4 VAC

1000 VAC


±  31.6 VAC

5000 VAC


±  70.7 VAC

Output Frequency:  50Hz to 100Hz with 1Hz resolution independent of line power frequency.

Output Waveform:  Digitally synthesized, low distortion sine wave.

AC Current Sensing (AC Leakage)






0.5% of reading ± 1uA



0.5% of reading ± 10uA



0.5% of reading ± 500uA

Current Sensing:  Resistive current (in-phase), reactive current (out-of-phase) or total current.

AC Current Limits


Current Limit

50 to 5000 VAC

35 mA


DC Voltage Output

Voltage uncertainty is equal to the square root of the selected output times 0.75. (V1/2 *0.75)




100 VDC

(100)1/2 * 0.75

± 7.5 VDC

500 VDC

(500)1/2 * 0.75

± 16.8 VDC

1000 VDC

(1000)1/2 * 0.75

± 23.7 VDC

5000 VDC

(5000)1/2 * 0.75

± 53.0 VDC

7000 VDC*

(7000)1/2 * 0.75

± 62.7 VDC

* Requires option DC-7

DC Current Sensing (DC Leakage)




0 - 1720 ηA


0.4% of reading ± 8 ηA

1.720 μA - 17.30 μA


0.3% of reading ± 0.05μA

17.30μA - 1.785mA


0.3% of reading ± 0.015 mA

1.785 mA - 35.50 mA

0.01 mA

0.3% of reading ± 0.1 mA

Voltage Coefficient:  15pA/V

DC Current Limits:


Current  Limit

50 to 5,000 VDC


5,000 to 7,000 VDC*


* Requires DC-7 option

                        DC Voltage Output with Optional DC-10:

                        Voltage uncertainty is equal to the square root of the selected output times 1.5.

                        (AC Voltage specs remain the same as the standard 944 as described above)





100 VDC

100)1/2 * 1.5

± 15.0 VDC

500 VDC

(500)1/2 * 1.5

± 33.5 VDC

1000 VDC

(1000)1/2 * 1.5

± 47.4 VDC

5000 VDC

(5000)1/2 * 1.5

± 106.1 VDC

7000 VDC*

(7000)1/2 * 1.5

± 125.5 VDC

10000 VDC*

(10000)1/2 * 1.5

± 150.0 VDC

                        DC Current Limits with option DC-10 :

                        (Output power is limited to 165 Watts)


Current  Limit

50 to 10,000 VDC


10,001 to 14,000 VDC

10.0 mA



(Insulation Resistance)

(Firmware limits to minimum of 1.9kOhms.  Output power can not exceed 165 Watts for standard units, 135 Watts for CLT option and 130 Watts for FR-4 mod).

Resistance Range

(guaranteed in spec)

Minimum Resistance

Test Voltage



>= 50VDC



>= 500VDC



>= 1,000VDC



>= 2,500VDC

Accuracy: Combined uncertainty of DC Voltage Output + Current Measurement Accuracy

(Earth Continuity)

Full Scale

10 Ω Maximum including lead resistance.



Test Current

50 mA

Lead Compensation

Automatic offset circuit "nulls" out two wire lead resistance


0.3% of reading + 30mΩ (up to 5Ω)


Arc Detection Sensitivity

User selectable. Fast = 1 arc in a 100mS period. Medium = 15 arcs in a 100mS period. Slow = 50 arcs in a 100mS period.


40 character alphanumeric LCD

High Voltage Indicator

Lightning bolt illuminated by independent output voltage monitor.  Audible alarm sounds prior to voltage output unless disabled in firmware.

Voltage Resolution

Output resolution is typically 3-4 volts AC or DC on standard units. DC-10 and AC-10 outputs have a 6-8 volt resolution. LVIR output resolution is 0.2 volts. Measurement resolution is 1 Volt on all units, all options.

Dwell Time Accuracy

+2 seconds/minute, -500mS/minute

Slew Rate

1 volt/second to 30000 volts/second. Firmware limits all ramps to a minimum total time of 1 second. Actual ramp times vary dependent on load. Ramp times are consistent when testing similar devices. Test engineers should always observe the test with an oscilloscope and adjust parameters to achieve desired results with each specific device under test.


Test automatically aborts when digitally stored minimum or maximum limit is exceeded. Current and resistance minimums will not trigger failures until >0.8 seconds of dwell time has elapsed to allow for settling of DUT at dwell voltage.

Remote Interface Option "IF-4"

GPIB - IEE-488.2 Subset compatible
RS-232C - 9600 Baud
Parallel - IBM/Centronics compatible
VICL - Vitrek Interface Control Loop (slaved to RS-232 interface)


Stated specifications are bipolar and apply for one year within ± 5°C from calibration temperature (20 to 25°C).

Temperature Coefficient

0.1 times stated accuracy per °C beyond calibration temperature window


Traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Automatic "Covers on" calibration, internal or external.  Calibration constants stored in non-volatile memory.

Warm up Time

No warm up time is required for units stored in ambient temperatures ranging from 64°F to 82°F (18°C to 28°C).  A minimum 30 minute warm up time is recommended for units stored in temperatures outside that range. A minimum 60 minute warm up time is recommended prior to performing an external calibration procedure.

Operating Temperature

64°F to 82°F (18°C to 28°C). Ensure units are well ventilated and fan is operational at all times. Fan should be sucking fresh cool clean air into unit for optimal performance. Overheating and freezing may result in unexpected resetting or lockup of units. Keep vents clear.


Maximum 90% RH

Power Consumption

115/230 VAC ± 10%, 350 VA Max.  Typical 40-50 Watts power consumption in idle mode. Up to 300 Watts when sourcing maximum output power to test device. Power consumption varies with load during testing.


89mm H x 432mm W x 457mm D (3.5" H x 17" W x 18" D)


14Kg (34 lb.) Net / 18Kg (40 lb.) Shipping

30 Day Minimum.  Rates are for standard models. 
Additional options are available. Please contact factory for a quote or for further assistance.
Duration Price Billing Cycle Buyout
30 Days $995 30 Days List Price minus 30% of Rental Paid
60 Days $1558 Months 60 Days List Price minus 40% of Rental Paid
3 to 11 Months $780/Month 30 Days List Price minus 50% of Rental Paid
12 Months $695/Month 30 Days $1 Buyout

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